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Start Your Extended Essay Writing with Some New Ideas!

Before starting your extended essay writing you should know some general facts about the specific points of preparing such kind of work. First of all, it must be written in a plain, exact and official academic style, in accordance with the subject which the essay topic is devoted to. The upper limit for an essays length is about 4,000 words. This upper limit includes such sections as the foreword, the main body, the finale part and any quotations. At the same time, it does not include the contents page, any maps, diagrams, illustrations or tables, quotations, calculations and formulas, bibliography and the addendum. Remember, that in a case when your essay is more than 4,000 words the examiners do not have to read any material in excess of the limit. Now you know the main requirements. Lets explain them more clearly.

1) The main part of your future extended essay is the title. It should give a clear indication of the topic of the essay. Besides, it should be exact and plain. The next thing to think of is an abstract that should be about 300 words long. Remember, that it doesnt serve as a foreword, but rather gives an overview of your essay, and therefore must be written after everything else. This part of the work is intended to give the readers the opportunity to understand the contents of the essay. The requirements for the abstract are the following. Firstly, the research question should be investigated. Secondly, the scope of the investigation should be demonstrated. And thirdly, the conclusion of the essay should be presented. Keep in mind, that the abstract must be placed after the title page.

2) The next stage of your extended essay writing is completing of the contents page. It must be given at the beginning of your essay and all pages must be numbered. No indexes are required. After presenting a contents page you should work on the illustrations. Your whole work should be done neatly, for that reason all the illustrative material must be used effectively. Keep in mind, that tables, diagrams or drawings are useful only if they are labeled correctly and can be understood easily. The usage of any images is okay only if they are used to exemplify a specific point given in your essay.

3) At the final stage of your writing dont forget about references, bibliographies and quotations. Your essay must provide the reader with the exact resources of information and ideas through precise referencing and bibliographies. The skill of making accurate quotations and a bibliography is very important for a good student. Besides, it allows readers to evaluate your understanding of the importance of the resources used.

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